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Meet Taisha

Welcome To My World

Dorothy Gale said, "There's no place like home." No truer words were ever spoken and I say that every time I visit the Empire State. In a city of eight million people, there's always a story to be told. That's why so many of my stories take place in and around New York and why I maintain a New York State of mind.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Taisha Demay and I'm the author of four books spanning genres from erotica to romantic suspense to just plain romance. The thing I love about writing is making the most mundane location seem exotic and making the reader a part of the story. A good story can also make you feel a whole gambit of emotions: you laugh, you cry, and you even scream at the characters like they're real people. It can make the most misunderstood characters and villains become friends as you root for them to get their happily ever after or some much-needed therapy. When they don't, we wait with bated breath for the follow-up to be released. Fortunately, I try to end all my stories on a high note.

Taisha Demay

As an author and reader foremost, I love the fact that I get the opportunity to meet fans and share the story of my journey. To say it's been an adventure would be an understatement. But I wouldn't trade any of my experience good or bad for anything in the world. If you're sitting on a story that you're afraid to submit, let me offer you some advice: DO IT! You'll be glad you did, no matter what the outcome. Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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