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Get Your Copy of These Exciting erotic Romance Books

Discover a world of danger, longing, and intrigue in urban fiction by New York City Girl with Author Taisha Demay. These romance novels tell thrilling and sensual stories of revenge and pleasure in the Big Apple and beyond. Order your copy today through Amazon or our online store.

Love, Truth And Consequences

New York CPA Holland Taylor wants revenge against her boss, Carter Preston, a man she's loved since the first day she laid eyes on him. Her love turns to bitter pain when she overhears him saying some unflattering things about her to another executive. Devastated, Holland vows to show Carter what he'll be missing and she'll do it where it will make a lasting impression, during a friend's party. Find out what happens when her plan turns into something more than she had ever anticipated. Holland gets more than she bargained for when Carter decides he has a lesson to teach her! Will they realize that revenge is a dessert best served up cold or will the truth about their feelings for one another outweigh the need to get even?

Love, Truth and Consequences: Playing Dirty

Anxious for a career change, Katrina Locklear applies for the position of assistant to Decimal Accounting Services Financial Officer, Miller Greenfield. Miller is both intrigued and aroused by the beauty who has thrown his emotions off-kilter. Can Katrina and Miller keep things professional, or will they risk it all by mixing business with pleasure?

Characters Welcome: An Erotic Authors Guild Anthology

The Erotic Authors Guild introduces its first anthology featuring premier writers in the erotica genre and their noteworthy characters. An adventurous woman joining the Mile-High Club, a single man becoming a voyeur to his neighbors BDSM games, a recently single woman methodically seducing a longtime friend, a pool boy enjoying a MILF scenario with his best friend's mom; these and many other hot stories are guaranteed to deliver a sizzling experience for the erotic reader.

Love, Truth And Consequences Love, Truth and Consequences: Playing Dirty Characters Welcome: An Erotic Authors Guild Anthology

Something New
(Part of the Erotic Author's Guild Anthology)

Ciara Mason has loved her neighbor, Chef Angelo Moretti, since the day they met in the hallway of their building. She has never considered acting on those feelings until one evening, during dinner, when Angelo lets her in on a sexy secret and wonders if she'll be open to trying something new. Can Ciara put aside her apprehension and let loose her adventurous side, or will fear prevent her from the thing she's always longed for: Angelo's heart?

Food Fight Mystery: Taste Of intrigue

Murphy's Law states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And on the day the town of West Lake Businessman's Benefactor's committee announces, they need a caterer for their annual event, the oven mitts come off! Because in this close-knit community, there is no such thing as honor among friends when it comes to landing the most prestigious contract, and soon the sabotage begins.                                             
The moment Nichelle Watson discovers a body in the freezer during a party she's catering, things really start to unravel for the much sought-after caterer, with no end in sight. Can Nichelle and the detective assigned to the case, Zion Taylor figure out just who it is that's trying to thwart her efforts to land the job, or will they end up one of the victims?

Food Fight Mystery: Taste Of Intrigue

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